Benoit Turgeon is an Agronomist specialized in Food Science and Technology.  He obtained his degree from Laval University, Quebec City in 1977 and his MBA from the Ecoles des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), Montreal in 1988.

He spent half of his career at Continental Can and Crown Cork and Seal where he occupied various technical positions leading to Manager of Technical Services for Eastern Canada.  He now acts as a consultant for the company he founded in 1994, Developex.

As a consultant, he specializes in the various aspects of food conservation and food packaging.

One of his many assets is understanding the hazards which make foodstuffs so fragile and perishable.

A more important asset still is his ability to offer solutions which enable foodstuffs to safely reach their expected shelf-life.

Thermal processing has always been one of his responsibilities as well as one of his special interests. He is a member of the Institute of Thermal Process Specialists, based in Guelph, Ontario.  As a consultant, he has carried out multiple heat penetration and heat distribution assignments on several types of sterilizers and packagings. 

He is interested also in pasteurized refrigerated products (sous vide) and in alternative conservation (non-thermal) technologies which must ensure the integrity and the wholesomeness of food products throughout production and distribution. 

He offers training to his clients, directly on site or via a recognized technical school (ITA, Ste-Hyacinthe or LaPocatière).  Most of the clients are private corporations; however, MAPAQ (Quebec’s Dept of Food and Agriculture) and CFIA are also on the list of clients who received training from Developex.

In addition, he helps clients in their selection/development of new or modified packaging (product/packaging compatibility), in order to meet product shelf-life as demanded by the marketplace.  He also advises clients on the selection of thermal processing equipment and canning equipment in general.

During his career, he has had the opportunity to work not only in North America but also to carry out a few short-term assignments in developing countries.